Aquatic [adjective]

Definition of Aquatic:

occurring in water

Synonyms of Aquatic:

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Sentence/Example of Aquatic:

The ponds were half covered with the white water-lily, and some other aquatic plants of the country.

Then happened one of those aquatic incidents which lend an atmosphere all their own to amphibious war.

At the foot of the hill lay a deep morass, covered with the nelumbo and other aquatic plants.

The first aquatic creatures were succeeded by the amphibia, the reptiles.

A little more complicated than that of the fish, this method is probably older, and seems possible only for aquatic animals.

At first formed by aquatic plants, the vegetable earth had been heaped up there, and now it is covered with pretty thick wood.

The ice is rough with the aquatic weeds frozen in it, so that it is necessary to leave the shore some thirty yards.

In these aquatic contests the Caffres were mostly victorious, though Smutz ably upheld the honour of the Hottentot race.

Likewise the fish, the dolphin, and a number of other aquatic creatures came to be female representatives.

The head is similar to that of a duck, which would lead to the supposition that it belonged to an aquatic bird.