Floating [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Floating:

After a bit of waiting, Mac decided that the smoke was floating from a certain direction, and we began to edge carefully that way.

The fire crackled around the Dutch ovens, and the odor of coffee came floating by.

It was like a dream of beauty suspended in the air before you—floating there—and you didn't want to disturb it.

She wore a gown of white tulle upon whose floating surface were a few dark-blue lilies.

The pole was, therefore, continually floating or rising and falling in steam of ever-varying pressure.

Great ships like floating palaces rode up and down the river.

The solo voice of the Nubian sailor was lost in the chorus of voices which came floating over the Nile.

He saw the swans floating like bundles of dry paper, he saw the whirling sea-gulls, he obtained his former room.

The cabin of the floating light was marvellously neat and immaculately clean.

Two of the largest flower boats, splendidly illuminated, were floating gently down the stream.