Sailing [verb]

Definition of Sailing:

travel through water, air; glide

Synonyms of Sailing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sailing:







Sentence/Example of Sailing:

The icebergs had weighed anchor, and were sailing out into the open sea.

He secured a berth on the Geranium, sailing from Liverpool, and cabled Brant to that effect.

Do you mean you object to sailing this tug on account of some imaginary thing?

"But I don't understand a sailing vessel in these waters," speculated Leonard.

It rained, I remember, all that day, but the next was bright and clear for our sailing.

This evening, Signore; it will be fine for sailing this evening.

Their boat seemed to be sailing on the bosom of an incandescent stream.

"That's because we're sailing right before the wind," said Tom.

However, this is just the condition of sailing when a boat can dispense with a rudder.

The boat is then said to be free and sailing on the starboard tack.