Cruise [noun]

Definition of Cruise:

sailing expedition

Synonyms of Cruise:

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Sentence/Example of Cruise:

Such tests might be useful, say, to screen school children or cruise ship passengers.

Cruise Director of Government Affairs Prashanthi Raman Earlier this year, before the world blew up, Cruise received a permit in California to begin transporting passengers.

Meanwhile, Cruise still has its eyes set on public deployment, which is where the expertise of Raman comes in.

Cruise also began focusing more on hardware earlier this year.

That all came after Cruise had already scrapped its plans to launch a robotaxi service in 2019.

By contrast, it’s common to see self-driving vehicles from Waymo, Cruise and Amazon-owned Zoox roaming the Bay Area.

My colleagues and I believe that evidence from laboratory experiments, case studies like the cruise ship and food processing plant outbreaks and long-known biological principles make a strong case that masks protect the wearer too.

Disney reported its first quarterly loss in almost two decades in its fiscal third quarter as the coronavirus crisis continued to hamper its theme parks and cruise lines, as well as its TV and movie businesses.

And Jack come home from a long cruise, with prize-money in his pockets, was as ostentatious as any nouveau riche.

And every boy made a dash for the camp to secure anything he might need on a cruise down the bay.