Soar [verb]

Definition of Soar:

climb, fly

Synonyms of Soar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soar:

Sentence/Example of Soar:

They soar up to the time when you will be happy with her, Martin.

They soar up to the time when you will be able to claim her, Martin.

If she can not rise to thee on the ladder of reason, she can soar on the wings of affection.

And how about our chum Nat; he never had any longing to soar through the air.

Mix soul with soul to cleave the sky,And soar away from star to star!

But let us speak no more of bakers; let us soar into higher regions.

His heart had wings to soar high with his soul in the ecstasy of his new-found love.

And sometimes he will grasp his prey, And with it rise and soar away.

He could soar to the heights and dive to the depths in the same breath.

Rise, a lark, And sing and soar towards a new starry garden!