Skyrocket [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Skyrocket:

Didn't tell you, did I, about Mallory's doin' the skyrocket act?

So I climbs aboard, Babe opens the cut-out, and we make a skyrocket start.

In addition to the children there was Skyrocket, the dog, and Turnover, the cat.

Now there was no sight of Snuff and Turnover, nor of Skyrocket, the other dog.

Course he can't do tricks like Skyrocket and Top, but he's nice to look at.

Skyrocket whined a little, but remained lying there quietly.

"I guess he wouldn't have much trouble with Skyrocket," said Teddy.

But the boys did not stop to think that Skyrocket was not as heavy as either of them.

That is all but Skyrocket, and he surely was one of the family.

But Skyrocket did not come back that day nor the next nor the next.