Unattached [adjective]

Definition of Unattached:

disconnected, free

Synonyms of Unattached:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unattached:


Sentence/Example of Unattached:

The minister had said "unattached," but Captain Obed did not offer to correct the quotation.

You are to be on the staff of an archbishop,—a sort of Christian unattached.

It, too, was unattached at the other end; it had no connection with the air-pump.

I'm a war correspondent, unattached just at present, but following the German army.

From them, both arms hung loose, unattached at the shoulder blades.

But, no; I didn't say you were the less an angel; only that I thought of you as unattached, then—you see.

She, indeed, was a flower too fair to blush unseen or unattached.

Many of these mated with the unattached coyotes as they straggled north.

These were for unattached women and the wives of men at the front.

Dogs you see in plenty, attached and unattached, but no children.