Unmarried [adjective]

Definition of Unmarried:

not presently wed

Synonyms of Unmarried:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unmarried:



Sentence/Example of Unmarried:

Whatever you do, John, don't die an unmarried man like your Uncle William and me.

If we must have them let us be consistent and give one to the unmarried man.

Anthony took Cleopatra, and most of the other unmarried men took Rachel Guest.

The minister of God, unmarried, must have only one wife at the same time.

A child born to an unmarried woman is no impediment to her marriage.

The first question the Count put, was: "Am I married, or unmarried?"

The father was even able to bequeath his unmarried daughters by will.

He is unmarried, nor does any relative or companion reside with him.

Unmarried, Leonard would never have begged; he would have flickered out and died.

The London firm had stipulated, too, that their new man should be unmarried.