Wed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Wed:

Why should I guard it longer for him who may wed her, and whom I may never behold?

I have ever said that a brave lance should wed her; and, by my soul!

So Norss and Faia were wed, and they went to live in the cabin in the fir-grove.

"The mountain shall not wed the sea," muttered the envious air.

Yes, it must be a dream, since certainly it was to no madman that I was wed last night.

I think I understand you;—and they who are to be wed are happy?

I can wed them here myself—it would be the surer way—yes, that is what I shall do.

"Professor Maxon intends to wed one of these to his daughter," von Horn continued.

I have no mind to wed for a while, but Giles Martin of Gommatch is my sweetheart.

We will inveigle ladies fair, and wed them in our secret cavern.