Espouse [verb]

Definition of Espouse:

stand up for; support

Synonyms of Espouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Espouse:

Sentence/Example of Espouse:

A year later, at least one person who had espoused the same views would win a seat in Congress.

This is the time when he was in correspondence with Modeste Mignon and wished to espouse that rich heiress.

He regretted that she should espouse the cause of this foreigner.

He was to proceed to France, espouse the bride in the king's name, and convey her to England.

The birds at length espouse his cause, assemble their forces, and bear him as their commander above the sky.

Catharine first wrote that Anjou "condescended" to marry Elizabeth; presently, that "he desired infinitely to espouse her."

They are hearty Friends, and warm Protectors of those whose Interests they espouse.

He never failed to earnestly espouse any cause in which he believed and his position was never an equivocal one.

We oppose all cardinals of French origin, and all those who have shown any disposition to espouse the cause of France.

I am not sure but I shall espouse her cause myself, or else tell father, who will do it so much better.