Disagree [verb]

Definition of Disagree:

be different

Synonyms of Disagree:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disagree:

Sentence/Example of Disagree:

People disagree whether Facebook’s role should involve moderating this sort of content on its platform or to what extent any of this should be protected as “free speech.”

It seems that physical server location is important, but not the only thing to take into consideration…and shockingly, courts disagreed on the outcome.

We can have these knock-down drag-out creative fights when we disagree.

In fact, political scientists disagree about whether TV ads even have a significant effect on elections at all!

They might even disagree that a particular website or company is in their industry, but you have data on your side.

Dan and I have had many conversations about this online and in person, and I respect his work on the Pirahã, but we deeply disagree.

It’s another because they just disagree with, they can’t accept what you are.

You may disagree with the framing, as I do, and still appreciate the dark humor.

More extreme voices now have direct public forums to advance agendas and pillory those they disagree with — often on Twitter, which is used by only 22 percent of Americans but holds an outsized sway over the media.

I say I want to talk to the family first, or to the patient — and half the time, they disagree with whatever plan of care they supposedly just said they wanted.