Consent [noun]

Definition of Consent:

agreement; concession

Synonyms of Consent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consent:

Sentence/Example of Consent:

On Monday, the office filed both a lawsuit against the company over the allegations and the consent decree that resolves them.

Oregon’s state election director, Steve Trout, said he has been harassed on the phone and social media by people wrongly accusing him of, among other things, changing voters’ party affiliations without consent.

The Cybersecurity Law, which entered into force in June of 2017, required that companies obtain consent from people to collect their personal information.

Such projects seek consent from participants and promise to keep the data confidential.

Aliens won’t ask to be taken to our leader, they’ll ask for a cheek swab and a consent form.

With consent, the built-in camera on users’ laptops records them while they watch ads, gauging their emotional response, what kind of marketing is most likely to engage them, and how likely they are to buy a given product.

San Diego’s smart streetlights program — pitched to the City Council as a means of public planning to capture data about air quality and traffic — is now officially and exclusively a tool for local police, with the consent of the mayor’s office.

The act also prohibits businesses from selling the personal info of consumers under age 16 without explicit consent.

Three years ago, with the consent of elected officials, the Metropolitan Transit System officials cracked down on people not paying trolley fares and other violators.

You might balk at the expense, but the alternative is to pass that expense, in the form of a life threatening illness, on to others – without their consent.