Compliance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Compliance:

It secures in many cases, at least, a ready compliance with a large part of the discipline enforced.

Mademoiselle had incontinently refused, and madame, to win her compliance, had resorted to threats.

Whereupon, unwilling and rather stern compliance on the man's part—the handsome face darkened with most unnecessary frowns.

Of general professions of loyalty the Earl was lavish enough, but when it came to material guarantees there was less compliance.

Did he feel the revolt in my tone and understand then as well as afterward what the nature of my compliance had been?

In one case, indeed, I think he went too far in this compliance, and the result was to mortify her not a little.

Jones, seeing I was resolute, presently gave tokens of compliance.

In compliance with a petition from Massachusetts, Bernard was recalled, and his place was taken by Hutchinson.

Mr. Archer greeted him with civility; but the old man was in no humour of compliance.

We drank of the contents of the bowl, in compliance with their request, from a richly wrought cup made of a cocoa-nut shell.