Submissiveness [noun]

Definition of Submissiveness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Submissiveness:

Sentence/Example of Submissiveness:

Don't mistake coolness and poise for submissiveness and servility.

The boldness and the submissiveness of devotion are both throbbing in that "Why?"

His submissiveness to Sofya Andreyevna I regard not as a virtue but as a weakness.

But the submissiveness of the Egyptians had a very different origin.

Yet the Huguenots, with all their submissiveness, were not thought sincere.

If submissiveness ceased, it would be all over with lordship.

My humility makes its courage, my submissiveness gives it its dominion.

The lady looked all deprecation and submissiveness, but said nothing.

Athalie carried her submissiveness to servility, in the presence of Timéa and the major.

Frank had not been distinguished for submissiveness hitherto.