Servility [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Servility:

Now, he was her humble petitioner, but this servility could be of no avail to save him from shame.

A legion of hirelings were zealous to show their servility and loyalty to their lords.

Such a thing they would regard as in itself a symbol of servility.

Don't mistake coolness and poise for submissiveness and servility.

Sal Karone remained in the background, but there was no servility in his manner.

It was the sixth government he had served and all with servility.

With those coat-tails and that spinal complaint of servility?

To such depths of servility and degradation do apostate nations fall.

They lack English servility, it is true—but they could acquire it, with practice.

Nor were they corrupted by the servility of the surrounding ear.