Captivity [noun]

Definition of Captivity:

physical detention by force

Synonyms of Captivity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Captivity:

Sentence/Example of Captivity:

Ezechias shews all his treasures to the ambassadors of Babylon: upon which Isaias foretells the Babylonish captivity.

He reproaches the Jews for their obstinacy: he will deliver them out of their captivity, for his own name's sake.

Under the figure of the deliverance from the Babylonish captivity, the church is invited to rejoice for her redemption from sin.

The cities of the south are shut up, and there is none to open them: all Juda is carried away captive with an entire captivity.

The prophet is persecuted: he denounces captivity to his persecutors, and bemoans himself.

The prophet foretells the seventy years captivity; after that the destruction of Babylon, and other nations.

A prophecy of the desolation of Moab for their pride: but their captivity shall at last be released.

Pocahontas had met and had become well acquainted with John Rolfe during her captivity at Jamestown.

From the ten tribes in captivity in the east went forth missionaries to India, and China, and to other nations around them.

For I have seen the captivity of my people, of my sons, and my daughters, which the Eternal hath brought upon them.