Committal [noun]

Definition of Committal:

necessity, essential

Synonyms of Committal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Committal:


Sentence/Example of Committal:

On Mr. Roebuck's withdrawal, Mr. Hume moved the postponement of the committal to that day six months.

A debate in the house of lords took place on the committal of the bill, which was moved by Earl Dalhousie on the 4th of July.

Subsequently, a discussion took place on the committal of the bill.

For the first time since the revolution the lords divided on a money-bill, and voted 49 against, to 83 for its committal.

There each and all kissed the cross, as a solemn committal of their cause to God, and then commenced the fighting.

Whether this admonition was given or not, the Emperor was respectful and polite, but non-committal.

The assizes were to take place only a fortnight after the date of Reuben's committal.

While the committal was being made out, Mr. Thurwell leaned over and whispered to him.

Later he challenged Rohan, whose reply came in an order of committal to the Bastille.

He was non-committal about himself, fearing to spoil any delusion she might have been labouring under when she sent the magazine.