Incarcerated [verb]

Definition of Incarcerated:

put in jail, confinement

Synonyms of Incarcerated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incarcerated:

Sentence/Example of Incarcerated:

The merciless commissioners had ordered her to be incarcerated in a cell which no beam of light could penetrate.

Once the job was done—if he were possessed of all information on it—he might be incarcerated or even shot as a Security risk.

In idea she was fettered and incarcerated in the worst cell of the worst prison in London.

Yet, in spite of his humane teachings, lunatics were found incarcerated in cages in some of the French cities as late as 1834.

He caused the prisoners to be taken from the custody of Colonel Casey, brought to Olympia, and incarcerated in a blockhouse.

It was one great desire of his heart to have Pat Carroll incarcerated as a penal felon.

He was sent among the incarcerated Negroes to administer punch, in the desperate hope of getting more "confessions!"

The chiming of the bells seemed to mock the sighs and deep groans of the forty human beings then incarcerated in the slave-pen.

She had the air of one who finds herself incarcerated with a madman.

But there they were incarcerated, and the wind still howled.