Restrict [verb]

Definition of Restrict:

confine, limit situation or ability to participate

Opposite/Antonyms of Restrict:

Sentence/Example of Restrict:

Restrict yourself to a pint of claret, and that of the lightest, for the future.

The lines that follow seem to restrict it here to the latter sense.

If I find you abuse the privilege, I shall have to restrict you.

Steps have already been taken to restrict the imports of luxuries.

And we shall, further, have to restrict ourselves in the main to our exports.

In his later essays we are taught that he does not mean to restrict it to the Bible.

The evil is not in the restriction; but in the fact that nothing can ever restrict the restriction.

Must you restrict yourself to mere 'comfort and respectability'?

She might restrict my eatables, but I'd be hanged if I was going to have her meddle with my drinks.

He distrusted power and naturally sought to restrict its exercise.