Enclose [verb]

Definition of Enclose:

put inside, surround

Synonyms of Enclose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enclose:

Sentence/Example of Enclose:

She told ProPublica and the Tribune in a telephone interview that officers encouraged detainees to sign up for anti-anxiety pills because they oversee the dispensing of medication at night and have access to an enclosed off-camera area.

Human bones were found buried beneath these platforms and in the walls, including a stillborn foetus enclosed in a brick.

You wanted to figure out the shape that enclosed the largest area possible.

Both Perry and Mynchenberg stress that enclosed areas, like a dog park or fenced-in yard, are most ideal for off-leash sessions.

In a Tuesday statement, the labor ministry said masks would need to become de rigueur in companies’ enclosed and shared spaces, except where there is just one person working alone.

Barn doors, roll-up shades and curtains hung on ceiling tracks are great for enclosing or hiding things like your unmade bed or your dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

Studies of fossilized embryos from two kinds of dinosaurs, one from early in dinosaur history and the other living about 150 million years later, reveal the eggs were enclosed by soft shells, paleontologists report online June 17 in Nature.

Tall iron gates between the arches enclose the graves, which are marked with massive sarcophagi of Scotch granite.

If the enquiry refers to matters interesting only to yourself, enclose a postage-stamp for the reply.

Enclose the invitation in a white envelope, and tie it with white satin ribbon.