Insert [verb]

Definition of Insert:

put, tuck in

Synonyms of Insert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insert:

Sentence/Example of Insert:

For something with a little more grip, Kitchen-pro’s chainmail comes wrapped around a silicone insert.

With practical removable laundry bag inserts or collapsible options, there are ways to improve function and style.

While excipients are listed on packaging or package insert for over-the-counter and prescription drugs, this information can be difficult to find.

The latter includes the game case and any manuals or inserts that would typically come included with the title.

Outfits like the Manufacturing Solutions Center are also uniquely qualified to develop a new generation of higher-performance cloth masks, or ones that use small filter inserts to stretch scarce materials further.

All insert yis (or yes) before parde; which spoils both sense and metre.

All insert white after Was, which spoils metre and story (see l. 948).

All badly insert pure (dissyllabic) before flat; but smothe has two syllables.

At the head they insert a bamboo knot, with its point well sharpened into two edges.

Those chiefs generally insert gold in the teeth, which is so well fitted that it does not hinder their talking or eating at all.