Introduce [verb]

Definition of Introduce:

make known; present

Opposite/Antonyms of Introduce:

Sentence/Example of Introduce:

Rambeau is the now-adult daughter of Maria Rambeau, who was introduced inCaptain Marvel as Carol Danvers’ best friend, and she’s quickly become a fan favorite among Marvel fans with her stunning performances each week.

In 2019, Representative Yvette Clarke introduced the Deepfakes Accountability Act with this in mind.

Ruane and other student activists have been vocal opponents of plastic water bottles and have worked with the university over the past year to introduce the single-use ban.

Back in 2019, Senators Cory Booker and Ron Wyden and Representative Yvette Clarke introduced the Algorithmic Accountability Act to make bias audits mandatory for any large companies using AI, though the bill has not been ratified.

The bill has been introduced for 30 years — yet for 30 years, it has languished.

He has refused to apologize, and two Democratic members of Congress have introduced a censure resolution against him.

At least one Democrat has promised to introduce a substitute version of the bill that would lay out specific guidelines for reopening schools.

Developed by a small group of privacy researchers and introduced in October, GPC is an opt-out tool that works like the Do Not Track method that garnered so much attention around 2013, but eventually fizzled.

Cannon fire will be heard when the Buccaneers are introduced, and should they win, the cannons will fire loud and long at Raymond James Stadium and throughout Tampa Bay.

This year the company Rocky Mountaineer will introduce a new route on a glass-domed train between Denver and Moab, Utah.