Precede [verb]

Definition of Precede:

go ahead of

Synonyms of Precede:

Opposite/Antonyms of Precede:

Sentence/Example of Precede:

She motioned to Dick to precede her, and he obeyed, like a man in a dream.

This passage, I say, is inserted to explain the words of Moses which precede it.

All the petitions which precede it are included in this last one.

I opened the gate for him, but he stood aside, refusing to precede me.

The sentences that precede that quoted by Sir Martin are Greek in tendency.

How calm a moment may precede One that shall thrill the world for ever!

Several months have passed since the chapters which precede this were written.

We will precede Ben on his visit to the house of Mr. Prescott.

Ought I to precede my friends, and present them as they followed?

The hot drink helped us through the bleak hours that precede the dawn.