Propose [verb]

Definition of Propose:

suggest, present for action

Synonyms of Propose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Propose:

Sentence/Example of Propose:

I do not propose to speak in detail of the dinner that followed.

As you do not propose to follow the sea, it will not be worth while to go as cabin-boy.

The chairman rose to propose the toast of the evening, and was received with cheers.

There, if it be your wish, I will propose you; messengers will be appointed to converse with you.

You must propose an examination of his affairs on the part of the church.

I propose to continue this biography, and include the whole in book form.

This was just what Hester wished but had not dared to propose.

I will do as you order, Nigel; but what is it that you propose to do?

I came here, brother, to propose a match for my niece, Angélique.

And what do you propose to give him in exchange for the solace that you take away?