Urge [noun]

Definition of Urge:

very strong desire

Synonyms of Urge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Urge:

Sentence/Example of Urge:

But why, when you know it does not, why should you thus perplex and urge me?

In the one case, as she knew it, a girl under the urge of poverty had stolen.

Under the urge of it, he conquered—at last brought himself and his charge to the shore.

He was moved in his simplicity to urge moderation by asserting the claims of his own personality.

Have you any proof to urge in support of your assertion that the prisoner did not touch it?

I often took this poor Talien aside and tried to urge him on to rebellion, but it was all in vain.

I hope you may be able to think so well of me, as to urge no influence against me.

In vain, dear Caroline, you urge me to think; I profess only to feel.

I was too well satisfied to urge my victory by further complaint.

What if she were to persist in her offer—were to work with him, urge him to work with her?