Itch [noun]

Definition of Itch:

scratching; tingling

Synonyms of Itch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Itch:

Sentence/Example of Itch:

If you’re the type of person who posts aggressive fitness memes about “just getting in there and doing it,” this likely won’t scratch the itch.

Our evp of engineering —who has been in the company for many years — just got an itch to redo his webcam setup, and he wanted to get a mirrorless camera.

When I’m out, get bit, and my bites begin to bother me again, I simply re-suction them and the itch disappears once more.

In my experience, while it doesn’t make the bites or itching go away entirely, it does offer instant itch relief that lasts for about six to twelve hours.

You get to scratch the itch, but you don’t have to deal with the things that you felt uncomfortable with either at the beginning or the end of these interactions.

The itch-mite (Acarus scabiei) and the louse (Pediculus capitis, corporis, vel pubis) are the more common members of the group.

Johnny the Itch pulled nervously at the wide-brimmed fedora jerked down on his bony skull.

Johnny the Itch fingered away sweat that rolled down from under his fedora and nodded obediently.

It made the skin jerk and pull as if he were trying to get rid of an itch without using his hand.

They scoured every main artery and side road and cart track for miles in every direction, he and Johnny the Itch.