Tickle [verb]

Definition of Tickle:

make laugh

Synonyms of Tickle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tickle:

Sentence/Example of Tickle:

At night he would rub his unshaven cheek on Sue's small cheek and tickle her.

There is nothing I am fonder of—— Sometimes I tickle the soles of my feet with it.

Sometimes she'd sit down to tickle her neck with her hind-feet.

A “tickle” is a narrow passage of water between two islands.

Jimmie had brought her through the tickle without knowing it.

But for me and this set of Bell, Mr. Tickle would seem to have sunk into obscurity.

This seems to tickle Betty so much that she has to lean over and chuckle on my shoulder.

You may tickle me with that straw a good long while before I shall laugh, I can tell you.

What did he say that for but to tickle the palates of the white people?

Your grandmother's snake-cane wouldn't more than tickle him.