Titillate [verb]

Definition of Titillate:

excite, stimulate

Synonyms of Titillate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Titillate:

Sentence/Example of Titillate:

It must be more strongly spiced to titillate a jaded palate.

I don't care for books that only titillate one's imagination.

She has spent hours in the hot kitchen trying to concoct some dainty that may titillate that sickly palate.

Whether or no the involutions of the "Golden Bowl" will titillate his arcane sensibilities.

Out of the dense formations of endless fast food chains, Simon's novelties were to titillate the jaded restaurant goer.

When that palled, this came to titillate the jaded desires with a new form of gratification.

This gave me a good opportunity to titillate both sides of his neck, and he sprang round again.