Thrill [noun]

Definition of Thrill:

sudden excitement

Synonyms of Thrill:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thrill:

Sentence/Example of Thrill:

There came a thrill in her heart each time she thought of that—that she loved him.

He clapped his hands, with that thrill of joy which true art will ever give to a true artist.

The discovery of Tillie's hiding-place interested but did not thrill him.

The great voice had not caused him to feel any thrill or emotion whatever.

With his pretty, joyous carol, which should thrill the heart of men?

The new hope sent a thrill of sudden life and energy through my veins.

Then what was the matter with me, I thought, that all this did not thrill me?

There had been a thrill of emotion in the appeal sent out to him.

Vere was conscious of a thrill that was like a thrill of triumph.

In the kitchen the silence seemed to increase, to thrill with anxious curiosity.