Refreshment [noun]

Definition of Refreshment:

small amount of food or drink

Synonyms of Refreshment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Refreshment:


Sentence/Example of Refreshment:

Three men had just came out of the refreshment bar under the stand.

Some refreshment is ordinarily procurable there, but it is not much of a place.

He told the servant to provide the messenger with refreshment, then turned to his guest.

He then awaited, with perfect composure, the refreshment he had ordered.

Nearer, I observed a refreshment pavilion and a dancing platform.

Persuaded by him he had submitted to seek the refreshment of sleep.

He entered an hotel near Charing Cross, and ordered some refreshment and a bed.

I sha'n't take anything at the refreshment bar, it reeks of the Institute.

They had all the trouble in the world to find a free table in the refreshment room.

Juve sent his second in command for a bottle of water from the refreshment buffet.