Grapple [verb]

Definition of Grapple:

grab, wrestle

Synonyms of Grapple:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grapple:

Sentence/Example of Grapple:

We are of course in a peculiarly difficult position to grapple with this problem through lack of contemporary evidence.

At the moment he felt as if he could grapple the brute in bare hands and come off victor; and if otherwise—what matter?

A year before, their third cable had broken in mid-ocean, and it was now proposed to "grapple" for it.

We hope it will go on and agreeably grapple with the people in its own district whatever may become of the Jews.

Gilliatt was sufficiently familiar with marine rocks to grapple in earnest with the Douvres.

Now her dreams had vanished and she must grapple with dull realities that jarred her worse than they had done.

He looked at the door, calculating whether he could make a spring for the ax before Carlson could grapple him.

I don't think there are many men in the force who could hold their own with you, in a grapple.

He understood but one way of acting,—to grapple with an abuse and strangle it.

Ben was up first, diving for Murray and Stevens, now locked in close grapple, but the chess-player's action was more effective.