Misunderstand [verb]

Definition of Misunderstand:

get the wrong idea

Opposite/Antonyms of Misunderstand:

Sentence/Example of Misunderstand:

I am sure our own people will not misunderstand, nor will the world misconstrue.

Cadge thinks me still betrothed to John, so she affected to misunderstand.

"You do not offend, but you misunderstand me," said Belinda.

He said he didn't want me to misunderstand him and think he liked me, because he doesn't.

But of course I misunderstand people if they won't explain themselves.

I feared that you might misunderstand the motives which have dictated my conduct.

Do not imagine that I can misunderstand it; it does you honour.

Here, let me say at once, lest some of you misunderstand me, that I have extremely little to report.

Is it not strange how the two great brothers are led to misunderstand each other?

Neither you nor—nor Miss Howes must misunderstand my motives.