Perceive [verb]

Definition of Perceive:

notice, see

Synonyms of Perceive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perceive:

Sentence/Example of Perceive:

I cannot perceive that our own comprehension of it is at all essential to the matter.

And Buck was just sober enough to perceive that he was being held lightly.

We perceive God through the soul as we feel air on the body.

The more we perceive of power the more we are freed from fear.

I perceive in your eyes, my indulgent spectators, the criticism which you are too kind to utter.

She had an intuitive feeling that unless she moved he would not perceive her.

I was proud, and was most careful that nobody should perceive this.

It is the brain's business to perceive, to think, to will, to act.

I had the pleasure to perceive that Cecilia Delamere did not find me a fool.

"I perceive that you are learned as you are beautiful," and he bowed courteously.