Observe [verb]

Definition of Observe:

see, notice

Synonyms of Observe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Observe:

Sentence/Example of Observe:

Milza was the first to observe that her absence was unusually protracted.

He joyed to observe that these men of incredible millions had no hauteur.

I observe the workings of unemotional law and sometimes record them.

When you see them, you will observe how he endeavours to hold me to this correspondence.

Do you observe this red glow,—dusky, too, amid all the brightness?

You will observe that she has fine rugs in her dressing room and bathroom.

Miss Whitmore, you will observe, had learned to interrupt when she had anything to say.

Look now at the street, and observe a strange people entering it.

I was to come and observe you become distinguished—I was to watch what you could do!

Yet observe what pitfalls beset the path of the popular fictionist.