Contemplate [verb]

Definition of Contemplate:

think about seriously; plan

Synonyms of Contemplate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contemplate:

Sentence/Example of Contemplate:

Mom and Barbara would later become fast friends and political allies, and they are who I have in my heart as we contemplate this bittersweet centennial.

No one in the EU is contemplating an association agreement with Belarus.

ChilledCow’s soft hip-hop jams are just what you need to keep you mellow while studying, running errands or lying on the floor contemplating eternity.

The normalcy I used to feel within the campus “bubble” no longer exists, and I’ve been forced to contemplate what kind of world I may be graduating into next year.

By contemplating the end times, we can refine our understanding of the universe, but we can’t change its fate.

“If there’s an infraction and a subsequent enforcement action is contemplated, I would think that should trigger an automatic capture of any evidence and in my mind, the body camera footage is evidence,” Gennaco said.

The working man was incited to contemplate the beauty of the night's rest that followed on the exhaustion of the day.

One step might spoil everything and lead to an exposure, the consequences of which were altogether too terrible to contemplate.

And when we contemplate aright the exercise as sanctioned by the procedure of God, how distinctly are these brought before us!

It seemed that even the country gentlemen must begin to contemplate the probability of an alarming crisis.