Aim [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aim:

The aim is to cause a domino effect that disrupts the global food-supply chain.

The aim is to let users correlate meals with changes in blood glucose levels.

The WhatsApp lawsuit, meanwhile, has taken aim close to the heart of NSO’s business.

In the context of these crises, our primary aim should be for a system where people are not obligated to work to generate the means to survive.

The aim is to let users see “detailed information about all the ads they see on the web,” but it will need to get broad buy-in and implementation of Ad Disclosure schema to get there.

The main aim was to celebrate the company’s line of lipsticks.

Rather, what is called for are principles-based policies aimed at encouraging responsible corporate cultures.

One of our ambitions and aims is to use blockchain to enable users to have the best, most personal user experience while having 100% privacy.

To reproduce the impulse born of the thought—this is the aim of a psychological method.

She is skilful in seizing salient characteristics, and her chief aim is to preserve the individuality of her sitters and models.