Ambition [noun]

Definition of Ambition:

strong desire for success

Synonyms of Ambition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ambition:

Sentence/Example of Ambition:

Pelosi had resisted demands from moderates in her caucus to narrow her ambitions or put a new bill on the floor, insisting that Republicans should be the ones to offer new concessions.

However, its near term target of peaking emissions before 2030 is unaltered and it is this near term ambition that counts….

This was the central ambition of a number of no-longer-existing startups over 10 years ago.

The program, which is an expansion of one Walmart began testing last year for free grocery delivery, is another signal of the retailer’s growing e-commerce ambitions.

If ambition doesn’t inhabit you, you wonder what all the hubbub is about.

Budden was Spotify’s first original hit in podcasting, and a sign of its growing ambitions.

Instead, Ant has focused it offshore ambitions on building its presence in the rest of Asia, working with nine payment startups including the owners of Paytm in India and GCash in the Philippines.

It was her blogger husband, Sergei Tikhanovsky, who had harboured presidential ambitions.

The reality on the ground has failed to meet those ambitions.

Like most publishers, the pandemic has put the kibosh on those growth ambitions.