Keenness [noun]

Definition of Keenness:


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Sentence/Example of Keenness:

Editors covering lifestyle topics would be keener on receiving these kinds of requests.

He develops drinking and gambling habits, and he makes friends in high places who love his keen wit.

Parsons is keen to say that the company is very much enjoying its “financial and creative independence.”

Small talk and gossip lead the list of “stuff in her head that she wasn’t keen on.”

There are also keen ways to incentivize traffic guidance while bringing stability to local small and medium businesses throughout cities such as using parking guidance systems to enable local businesses to offer discounts for parking nearby.

If you’re keen to speak yourself then before committing to being a part of an event, always ask what the speaker line-up is and provide recommendations if it doesn’t feel diverse enough.

There is a degree of evenness and keenness of cutting and clean insertion beyond which it is not possible to go.

Though dining on a train was no novelty to the girls, they never lost the keenness of their first delight in the experience.

Marlborough had formerly made himself conspicuous by the keenness and pertinacity with which he had attacked the Dutch.

The custom which the Welshmen brought to the town easily accounts for the keenness of the competition to secure the market.