Spectrum [noun]

Definition of Spectrum:

color spectrum; colored band produced when a beam of light passes through a prism

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Sentence/Example of Spectrum:

Human vision, as he knew, utilizes only a tiny fraction of the spectrum.

Overloaded, the bulges' screens flared through the spectrum and failed.

For two of the stars the spectrum is for the present unknown.

Each shade of colour has its definite position in the spectrum.

It may be asked, What is the cause of the various colours in the spectrum?

Now the colours of the spectrum are to the eye what the notes are to the ear.

Huggins has found that the spectrum of this nebula is not gaseous.

The other colours of the spectrum must, to some extent, be associated with the blue.

What is true of the red is true of every other ray of the spectrum, visible and invisible.

Merna explained that it was the spectrum of their south polar star.