Penchant [noun]

Definition of Penchant:

fondness, inclination; strong inclination; liking

Synonyms of Penchant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Penchant:

Sentence/Example of Penchant:

Ling Chu on the contrary had a penchant for buses and seemed to enjoy them.

What a penchant all our honest detectives have for gems, and where do they get them?

If he have a penchant for outdoor life, then the32 choice, in a way, is easy.

The man has a penchant for short and nervous sentences, but they are never jerky.

It had come to be an accepted joke with them, that penchant of Piney's for Italy.

I have a penchant for an English Mees, and am not exacting as to the dot.

I had a penchant for running away from disagreeable surroundings.

How did they know of Jack Marlowe and his penchant for cards?

Mrs. LeMasters was an ancient lady with a penchant for lavender.

Indeed he had a penchant for every musical instrument at an early age.