Disinclination [noun]

Definition of Disinclination:

unwillingness to do or believe something

Synonyms of Disinclination:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disinclination:

Sentence/Example of Disinclination:

Here was one cause of his disinclination to meet his wife—having to keep up the farce of Dr. Ashton's action.

His flow of speech is incessant; he seems not a whit disconcerted by my evident disinclination to talk.

There is a marked disinclination on the part of those who have been our slaves to accept orders from anyone.

The English people have no disinclination to refer to high authorities on these matters.

Their "lameness" and "ineptness" and "impotence" plainly arose from disinclination alone.

That was something much more important than his disinclination to DC with the Knippel boys.

My disinclination for it before was affected, but now it is real.

The first indications usually are a disinclination to rest in the usual place, seeking a dark corner beneath a sofa, etc.

That I did not join myself to the battle, was less owing to disinclination, than to the bonds of the heathen.

Disinclination was soon apparent in a suggestively large number of the men to occupy their proper places on parade.