Proneness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Proneness:

What is done once and again, soon gives facility and proneness.

These they hold, through their proneness to degenerate, to be all evil.

This proneness to suicide, and loose seat in life, is not peculiar to the Marquesan.

Proneness to crime or proneness to disease may be born in him through no fault of his own.

From her love of freedom comes my own proneness to rush to unwomanly things.

It must be sown quite thick, on account of its proneness not to vegetate.

Meta's patient sorrow was the best remedy for proneness to such musings.

He sacrifices everything for effect, and hence his proneness to horrors.

Their defect is that of the Shiraz, a proneness to curl and puff themselves with pride.

This accounts for their profanation of their Sabbath, their proneness to theft, etc.