Flair [noun]

Definition of Flair:

talent, style

Synonyms of Flair:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flair:

Sentence/Example of Flair:

Others have studied and written about 20th-century American music with punch and flair, but nobody has done it like Peter Guralnick.

Both systems add a little bit of visual flair when you look at them from an angle.

Combined with Carlino’s knack for bringing flair to middle America, Penn National became an enormously successful company.

Signature cocktails are part of a restaurant or bar’s personality and flair.

Liam Hemsworth plays the rugby star who helps Tilly figure out the family secret and Hugo Weaving plays a cross-dressing police sergeant with a flair for couture.

The real action occurs when Daniel Theis flies over to set a flair screen for Brown on the weak side.

Ayant flair, il distingue hardiment entre un opportuniste et un radical.

It is here that the teaching of the critic comes in, with the flair of the actor-manager.

And she had by now developed a kind of flair in the woods, which was the astonishment of Captain Dell, himself no mean forester.

Her tact, her diplomacies, her flair for engrafting herself, would be the very best support to his direct methods of assault.