Elegance [noun]

Definition of Elegance:

cultivated beauty, taste

Opposite/Antonyms of Elegance:

Sentence/Example of Elegance:

A table on either side can add a symmetrical elegance to your room, or one charming table can ensure you never lose your reading glasses.

Ive, who pioneered elegance and simplicity in electronics, left Apple last year to found his own design company, LoveFrom.

For James, the Northwest displayed a delightfully slouchy elegance he’d almost forgotten about in New York.

Buy nowThe elegance of finely crafted walnut combined with innovative tracking technology makes this hangboard the ultimate at-home training tool for climbers who don’t have the space for a wall.

“Physically, Vidal has an elegance that compared to Buckley’s restlessness illuminates the debate segments in a way that people familiar with it will recognize.”

She is always attired in black, and is utterly careless in dress, yet nothing can conceal her innate elegance of figure.

After all she, Hilda, possessed some mysterious characteristic more potent than the elegance and the goodness of Janet Orgreave.

He was distinguished for personal courage, as well as taste for elegance and splendor, whence he was called the munificent.

He wrote verses with elegance in French, Spanish and Italian, and was a polisher of his native language in a barbarous age.

The elegance of his stature and the pensive melancholy of his classic features invested him with a peculiar power of fascination.