Onerous [adjective]

Definition of Onerous:

difficult; requiring hard labor; burdensome

Opposite/Antonyms of Onerous:

Sentence/Example of Onerous:

They are not onerous, and will not interfere with the daily life of the country.

There is a dignity to be borne which, though it may be onerous, must be supported.

The door-keeper of the gaming-house holds an onerous responsibility.

He is willing to surrender, if the terms are not too onerous.

The plan of search adopted by Professor Challis was an onerous one.

They did not find his rule too onerous under those conditions.

And when he had confessed that his duties were onerous, she had brightened.

The position is an onerous one, and carries great responsibility with it.

Heavy and onerous as the responsibility might be, it had been placed in her hands.

He had been busy—the onerous duties of an attaché—and so forth.