Plodding [verb]

Definition of Plodding:

walk heavily

Synonyms of Plodding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plodding:

Sentence/Example of Plodding:

While you were looking for her, she was plodding away out of sight.

Nat had been plodding along but now lifted his head with some show of interest.

He was plodding doggedly, every muscle aching from the unaccustomed strain.

M'iver, who was plodding beside MacDonald when he said these words, gave a laugh.

Salmon-fishing, then, is a matter of chance, or of plodding patience.

We had been plodding on with the vague idea that it was a delightful book.

Her husband, who was plodding after her, begged her to read no more.

I am plodding away at Welwitschia by night and Genera Plantarum by day.

Presently he saw St. Just plodding along in the distance, and shouted after him.

Brother Seabright moved on and continued his slow, plodding march.