Stomp [noun]

Definition of Stomp:

loud dance

Synonyms of Stomp:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stomp:


Sentence/Example of Stomp:

"Stomp him," I tell him again, pretty quiet, but he does it.

Damn, I'll stomp my mother if she talks big to me right then.

I sh'd think you'd know enough to stomp your feet before you come in.

Hope ya fall in the mud, an' I'll stomp on your head if ya do!

For a minute I'd pull you down here and stomp the life out of you!

I heard him stomp roughly across the floor, his spurs clanking.

Won't many more see you than saw you last night doin' the stomp dance in Main Street.

"Not if I can stomp on you," declared Mrs. Tutts as the back fulness of Mrs. Jackson's skirt slipped through her fingers.

But is there an English word of a significance different from 'stamp,' in 'stomp?'

He had a tremendous loud voice and would sometimes sneak up behind you, yell, wave his arms and stomp his feet.