Tromp [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Tromp:

Young Tromp was finishing a carouse in the cabin when the English broke in.

Tromp in the Brederode bore down with his squadron in line behind him.

If Tromp had had to deal with Blake only, there could have been but one end to the conflict.

Whether Tromp knew that Blake had sailed for the north does not appear.

At least it appears that the English passed to windward of Tromp.

Tromp, as commander of the rear, had the Wimpel at the mizen.

This formation had been adopted by Tromp at the battle of Portland.

Know ye, Tromp, or does Juliana know, who this one-eyed gallant is?

Tromp had to complain of the conduct of several of his captains.

Tromp meanwhile had put to sea at the head of nearly a hundred ships.