Encroach [verb]

Definition of Encroach:

invade another's property, business

Synonyms of Encroach:

Opposite/Antonyms of Encroach:

Sentence/Example of Encroach:

As she saw Mehta lurking nearby, she asked Mehta not to encroach.

That allows you to zip away from any cars that you think might be encroaching into your space, but it also means that you can scare yourself if you twist it too much.

Confirmed cases of Lyme in the US have doubled since the ’90s, when housing developments increasingly encroached into rural areas and created patchy forest remnants.

That reality has been driven home repeatedly for legacy brands that have watched emerging direct-to-consumer brands encroach on their territory with innovative new models for connecting with and advertising to consumers.

Nearby coastal states like Oregon and Washington are also seeing record blazes, some of which are encroaching on major population centers.

The goods manager was not aggressive, and it was sometimes thought that Mathieson inclined to encroach upon his territory.

He was suddenly ashamed, humbled, feeling in her love a quality upon which no shameful circumstance could encroach.

Give Great Britain time to encroach and fortify upon all our frontiers?

As the tent was found to encroach partly on the same crevasse, it may be imagined that we did not dally long over the meal.

Vines threatened to engulf the circling street of sepulchers in greenery and bloom, and grass to encroach on the flower plots.