Impinge [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Impinge:

It is strange at such times how trivial things impinge on the consciousness with a shock as of something important and immense.

The imagination of the line is meant to be impressed by the spectacle of the heavy mass about to impinge on it.

There the tone is straightened out, and made to impinge on the roof of the mouth at a precisely defined point.

It did not impinge on his own jealously guarded circle of activity, on his own task of bringing a fugitive to justice.

Is such quick acceptance found now where Easterns and Westerns impinge?

And yet there are always certain perfectly clear objectives upon which all the force of these half understood motives impinge.

No matter what stimuli impinge on and irritate a given sense-organ, its reaction is always of the same character.

The correct bearing should take in the whole of the wall and the whole of the white line, and should just impinge upon the sole.

Waves of all sizes impinge upon them, and at every collision a portion of the impinging wave is struck off.

By no means, however, has the Government admitted the right of Asia to impinge on the American continents.